Newborn Shoot with Beautiful Nefeli, Doha

I recently had the absolute pleasure of photographing 5-day old Nefeli at home on The Pearl.
So tiny, and oh so cute!  And I have to say that mum and dad, Melissa and Antonio, were looking pretty flipping great too – hard to believe they just made a person!

Patience is the name of the game when it comes to photographing little ones, and they don’t come much littler than newborns. And the results are totally worth it…I mean, seriously…just how cute can one baby be?!






I have a tendency to shoot a lot of frames (yes, I am that photographer who says ‘one more shot’, and then actually takes five more), and when it comes to newborns you can probably double that – I love capturing all of their little micro expressions and movements. While I was editing this shoot, some of Nefeli’s poses and expressions just really made me smile. My imagination kicked in and I decided to have a little fun and started doodling (Wacom pen tablet – I love you!). Well, it’d be rude not to really. Introducing future musician, Nefeli:


Huge congratulations to the new family, and a massive thank you for a great shoot!


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