What a doll!

I first met the very lovely Flo at the Garderobe Bloggers Shoot last year.

As we chatted, she told me of her love of vintage clothing, doctor’s bags and victory rolls. She also explained the difference between vintage and retro (I have to admit, I had no idea but I am now enlightened!), and I was reminded of the paper dolls that I had as a child. You know, the kind your grandma would give you. I think Nan toys are most definitely vintage (rather than retro), don’t you?

Lindsay Kirkcaldy, www.lindsaykirkcaldy.com, portrait artist, photographer, Doha

Paper doll portrait, Florence of A Hint of Beautiful

I love constructing conceptual images like this…more to follow!

If you’d like to collaborate on a project or would like me to construct a portrait of you, give me a shout.

A huge thank you to my lovely collaborator Flo – check out her  A Hint of Beautiful blog, too.


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