Oh, and a little extra fun from Garderobe

Meet Ushi Sato of The Shades and Scarf. We made this portrait at the Garderobe Modals shoot – I’d spied the glasses display earlier that day and when I learned of Ushi’s alter ego –The Shades and Scarf – this just had to be done.

Ushi - The Shades and Scarf

As well as blogging fashion, designing fabulous garments, and adding ‘ish’ to the end of every other word (trust me, it’s hilarious), he is also a fantastic stylist.

At the end of the Garderobe bloggers event, he grabbed the beautiful Shamim (of shamimscene.com) and styled her within an inch of her life. More was definitely more that day (and white was the new black)… as Ushi said, “very Kimoraish”.

Shamim styled by Ushi

These were some of my favourite shots from the day. Fab job, Ushi and Shamim!


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