Melbourne, Through My iPhone

My recent trip to Australia spelt disaster for my camera when my trusty 24-70 broke (fortunately it is now repaired). I’d decided to travel light so didn’t have a back up lens 😦 …note to self: NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!

On a positive note, it did give me a chance to break in my new iPhone. Before I got my iPhone I was the proud owner of an ancient Nokia… its most advanced feature: the ability to play Snake. So the idea of a phone being good enough to capture decent photos was pretty novel, and I was pretty skeptical.

Melbourne is a very cool place and bursting at the seams with photo opps. The shop names on this street hanging over the pavement were impossible to resist. I could’ve spent days there just waiting for the right passerby to walk in to my frame. Unfortunately I had minutes, not hours, but I’m pretty pleased with the results. I also used a photo editing app (Snapseed – which I downloaded for free) to produce the final images, quite an impressive post processing tool – so everything was done in-phone.

iPhonography Street Photography

Street Photography - iPhone

iPhonography, Street Photography

Graffiti is HUGE in Melbourne. Some of it beautiful, some… not so much.

iPhonography Melbourne Street Art

These were captured using Hipstamatic  – but having played around with a few Apps, I think I prefer the creative control and social networking aspect of Instagram (find me: lindsaykirkcaldy).

iPhonography Melbourne Street Art

Tonnes of inspiration and LOADS of ideas for photography projects (probably with a ‘proper camera’) the next time I visit Melbs… whenever that may be.


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